The Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC features are available only on Windows7 Professional, Enterprise, & Windows7 Ultimate. Other versions of Windows7 bởi not these features. If you have one of the eligible versions, use the following steps to prepare và run Virtual PC & XP Mode.

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Windows XP Mode no longer requires hardware virtualization technology. recommends enabling this feature for better performance results when using Windows XP Mode. Check if your notebook PC can run in XP mode by downloading the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool on the Microsoft website.
After you have run the Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool, you will receive one of the results below.
This computer is configured with hardware-assisted Virtualization message means you can tải về and install Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode from Microsoft. Proceed khổng lồ the next step.
This computer does not have hardware-assisted Virtualization message means that your notebook PC does not have the hardware to tư vấn Windows Virtual PC.
For best results running Virtual PC và XP Mode in Windows7, the virtualization should be enabled in the BIOS. Follow these steps to make sure virtualization is enabled.
Press the right arrow key to lớn System Configuration, select Virtualization Technology và then press the enter key.
If you have an older version of the BIOS, may have an updated BIOS with the virtualization feature. provides an updated BIOS only for the specific models that have the required processor. Not all computers including some computers that were sold with Windows7 can the Virtual PC or XP Mode features.
If you cannot enable Virtualization technology on in your BIOS, kiểm tra if there is an updated version of your BIOS by following these steps.
Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and the System Information. The Version Number và Release Date of the installed BIOS is listed.
Download and install the BIOS listed on the website page if it has a higher Version Number or more recent Release Date.
On some models, the code needed to setup the XP Mode is stored on the hard drive and is available for use. However, if you run a recovery to restore the computer to lớn its original condition, the code for the XP Mode is not available on the hard drive. After a recovery, you must connect the computer to lớn the internet and tải về Windows Virtual PC và XP Mode files from the Microsoft website.

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XP Mode should now be installed. Click Start, enter virtual & select Virtual PC from the list và then begin the Windows XP Mode set up. To learn more about using Windows XP Mode và Windows Virtual PC, see tư vấn and Videos on the Microsoft website.




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