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The namespace từ khóa is used to declare a scope that contains a phối of related objects. You can use a namespace to organize code elements & to create globally quality types.

namespace SampleNamespace class SampleClass interface ISampleInterface struct SampleStruct enum SampleEnum a, b delegate void SampleDelegate(int i); namespace Nested class SampleClass2 File scoped namespace declarations enable you lớn declare that all types in a tệp tin are in a single namespace. Tệp tin scoped namespace declarations are available with C# 10. The following example is similar lớn the previous example, but uses a file scoped namespace declaration:

using System;namespace SampleFileScopedNamespace;class SampleClass interface ISampleInterface struct SampleStruct enum SampleEnum a, b delegate void SampleDelegate(int i);The preceding example doesn"t include a nested namespace. Tệp tin scoped namespaces can"t include additional namespace declarations. You cannot declare a nested namespace or a second file-scoped namespace:

namespace SampleNamespace;class AnotherSampleClass public void AnotherSampleMethod() System.Console.WriteLine( "SampleMethod inside SampleNamespace"); namespace AnotherNamespace; // Not allowed!namespace ANestedNamespace // Not allowed! // declarations...Within a namespace, you can declare zero or more of the following types:

nested namespaces can be declared except in tệp tin scoped namespace declarations

The compiler adds a mặc định namespace. This unnamed namespace, sometimes referred lớn as the global namespace, is present in every file. It contains declarations not included in a declared namespace. Any identifier in the global namespace is available for use in a named namespace.

Namespaces implicitly have public access. For a discussion of the access modifiers you can assign khổng lồ elements in a namespace, see Access Modifiers.

It"s possible to define a namespace in two or more declarations. For example, the following example defines two classes as part of the MyCompany namespace:

namespace MyCompany.Proj1 class MyClass namespace MyCompany.Proj1 class MyClass1 The following example shows how to call a static method in a nested namespace.

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namespace SomeNameSpace public class MyClass static void Main() Nested.NestedNameSpaceClass.SayHello(); // a nested namespace namespace Nested public class NestedNameSpaceClass public static void SayHello() Console.WriteLine("Hello"); // Output: Hello

C# language specification

For more information, see the Namespaces section of the C# language specification.For more information on file scoped namespace declarations, see the feature specification.