Tổng hợp bài bác tập luyện thi vào lớp 10 môn giờ đồng hồ Anh bao hàm 13 dạng bài tập cơ bản và một vài đề thi thử nhằm giúp các bạn lớp 9 ôn tập để chuẩn bị thi vào 10.

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Đây là tài liệu ôn thi vào lớp 10 khôn cùng hữu ích, bộ tài liệu này đang giúp chúng ta ôn luyện với và củng nắm lại những kiến thức đã học của môn giờ đồng hồ Anh để bước vào kỳ thi vào lớp 10 đạt điểm số cao nhất. Chúc chúng ta ôn thi tốt!

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Các dạng bài tập tiếng Anh thi vào lớp 10 năm 2021


Bài viết sát đây

1. Claimed B. Warned C. Occurred D. Existed

2. Germ B. Gas C. Gain D. Goods

3. Proud B. About C. Around D. Would

4. Computers B. Airports C. Things D. Calculators

5. Health B. Appear C. Ready D. Heavy

6. Thunder B. Erupt C. Trust D. Pull

7. Plumber B. Label C. Garbage D. Bottle

8. Around B. How C. Bought D. Found

9. Entrance B. Paddy C. Bamboo D. Banyan

10. Jeans B. Caps C. Pants D. Shirts

11. Cheerful B. Machine C. Chance D. Champion

12. Feature B. Reason C. Season D. Pleasant

13. Proofs B. Regions C. Lifts D. Rocks

14. Hungry B. Under C. Culture D. Campus

15. Shout B. Tour C. About D. Count

16, school B. Scholarship C. Children D. Chemistry

17. Tidal B. Sight C. Mineral D. Describe

18, option B. Question C. Pollution D. Collection

19. Played B. Asked C. Watched D. Stopped

20. Cyclone B. Sunny C. Typhoon D. Sky

21. Kiến thiết B. Solar C. Website D. Sample

22. Environment B. Recycle C. Dynamite D. Littering



1.I wish I _____ English well.

A. Study B. Studying C. Studied D. Khổng lồ study

2.We _____ each other since 2013.

A. Know B. Knew C. Have knew D. Have known

3.Lan got lớn the bus station late _____ she couldn’t catch the bus.

A. Because B. ButC. SoD. However

4.She said she _____ Ha Long cất cánh the following day.

A. Will visit B. Will be visited C. Would visit D. Would be visited

5.You have never seen UFOs, _____?

A. Had youB. Have you C. Haven’t you D. Has you

6.The day was so _____ that we decided to take a picnic lunch to lớn the beach.

A. Clearly and warmlyB. Clear and warm C. Clear và warmly D. Clearly & warm

7.In Western countries, electricity, gas & water are not luxuries _____ necessities.

A. Or B. With C. But D. And

8.My friend Paul, _____ sings Western folk songs very well, can compose songs.

A. Who B. Whom C. WhichD. Whose

9.Everyone should learn _____ to swim.

A. Where B. When C. How D. What

10.Your oto is different _____ mine.

A. Khổng lồ ,B. In C. From D. For

11.He looks _____ today than yesterday.

A. GoodB. Well C. Better D. Goodly

12.Are you looking for my sister? – She isn’t at home now. She _____ to the library.

A. Went B. Goes C. Has gone D. Is going

13.If it _____ fine tomorrow, we’ll go shopping.

A. Was B. Were C. Will be D. Is

14.The little village is very quiet and _____.

A. PeaceB. Peacefully C. Peaceful D. Peaceless

15.I can’t reach the phone because I _____ a bath.

A. Am having B. Have C. Was having D. Be having

16.When she _____, I was reading upstairs.

A. Was comingB. Is coming C. Came D. Comes

17.Would you mind _____ me lớn take these chairs away?

A. HelpB. Lớn helpC. Helped D. Helping

18.I am sorry I can’t help you now. I’m busy _____ my lesson.

A. To lớn B. 0 C. With D. For

19.She doesn’t enjoy looking _____ the children.

A. For B. InC. After D. At

20.My father has been working in a ngân hàng _____ we moved here.

A. ForB. During C. Since D. In

21.There is a _____ between the North and the South.

A. Different B. Differ C. DifferentlyD. Difference

22.I planned to have a swim this morning but the weather is so _____.

A. Disappointed B. Bored C. UninterestedD. Disappointing

23.We learn foreign languages _____ know more about other people và countries.

A. So that B. In order toC. Just as D. For we

24.She will be disappointed _____ she gets the job.

A. But B. Unless C. Because D. If

25.He was absent from school _____ his illness.

A. BecauseB. Because ofC. As D. For



1. Hoang The Anh (be) the first student of Bac Giang (take) part in the final of “The road lớn Olympia peak”.

2. Hugo Chavez, who (be) _____ the President of Venezuela from 1999, (die) _____ on 5th March 2013.

3. About 16 million people (kill) _____ by a double disaster on 11th March 2011 in Japan.

4. He (watch) _____ TV while his mother (cook) _____ dinner at 6 p.m yesterday.

5. A lot of people enjoy (learn) _____ English nowadays.

6. Ao dẻo (mention) _____ in poems và songs for centuries, & nowadays they (wear) _____ by many Vietnamese women.

7. My parents often advise me (study) _____ hard for a better future.

8. I(be) _____ an English teacher since I (graduate) _____ university in 1994.

9. If today (be) _____ Sunday, we would go for a picnic.

10. When I (come) _____ trang chủ last night, my father (read) _____ magazines.

11. Bi Rain first (perform) _____ in Vietnam in 2006 and then (return) in 2007.

12. When you take the medicine, you (feel) _____ better.

13. I (wait) _____ here until the rain (stop) _____.

14. Lan wishes she (speak) _____ English fluently.

15. My family (live) _____ in Bac Giang đô thị for ten years.

16. Yesterday when we (visit) _____ Nam, he (clean) _____ the floor.

17. If you study harder, you (get) _____ good marks in the coming examination.

18. My father gave up (smoke) _____ ten months ago.

19. A new school is going to lớn (build) _____ in this đô thị next month.

20. Our children (play) in the park at the moment.

21. Would you like (come) _____ lớn my house for dinner tonight?

22. We are all looking forward to lớn (meet) _____ you.

23. Listen! I think someone (knock) _____ at the door.

24. My daughter is interested in (read) _____ comics.

25. He used khổng lồ (ride) _____ a bike to his office.

26. It (take) _____ him 2 hours every day to lớn practise speaking English when he was a student.

27. When you (start) _____ school?

28. Tom isn’t here. He just (go) _____ out for a few minutes.

29. We (have) _____ an English kiểm tra next week.

30. We (waste) _____ too much power at the moment.

31. Please don’t make so much noise. I (study) _____.

32. They suggest (take) _____ a bus instead of using private car to save energy.

33. You (meet) _____ phái nam last Sunday? Oh, no. I (not see) _____ him for a long time.

34. My parents (go) _____ out 10 minutes ago. They will be back soon.

35. My brother (work) for Samsung Corporation since 2009.

36. You (see) _____ the football match between Manchester United and Chelsea on TV last night?

37. “Harry Potter” is the most interesting film I ever (see) _____.

38. “Nhandan” newspaper (publish) _____ every day. It’s a daily newspaper.

39. I asked him if he (can speak) _____ English well.

40. What you (do) _____ if you were a millionaire?

41. Lan told her friend (not make) _____ such noise in class.

42. We wish we (not have) _____ lớn go to lớn school today.

43. If we keep our environment clean, we (have) _____ a better and healthier life.

44. “Kieu story” (translate) _____ into many languages recently.

45. She said she (not come) _____ khổng lồ my wedding buổi tiệc ngọt the following week.

46. Her hair is short. She just (have) a haircut.

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47. We shouldn’t (eat) _____ too much fatty food. It’s bad for our health.