Giải SBT giờ Anh 6 Starter Unit 9: Getting around - Vocabulary trang 78 sách " tiếng Anh 6 English Discovery ". sẽ khuyên bảo giải tất cả thắc mắc và bài bác tập với bí quyết giải nhanh và dễ hiểu nhất. Hi vọng, thông qua đó học viên được củng cố kỹ năng và kiến thức và nắm bài bác học xuất sắc hơn

1. Find eight means of transport in the word search

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=> Answer:

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2. Look at the photos & complete the words

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=> Answer:

2. University 3. Bike lane 4. Train station

5. Car park 6. Bus stop

3. Complete the sentences with words from Exercise 2.

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1. The new bus station in the town centre is great. I use it a lot to lớn visit my grandma. I can"t afford trains.

2. Cycling in town is very dangerous. There aren"t any _____ và there are lots of accidents.

3. When we go lớn the cinema, you can leave your oto in the big _____ in the town centre.

4. There"s a very small _____ near our house, but it"s very busy. People go lớn London for work from here every day. It"s more expensive than the bus but it"s faster!

5. I"m at the _____ outside the library. I"m waiting for number 10. See you soon.

6. Oxford và Combridge are the most famous _____ in the UK.

=> Answer:

2. Bike lane 3. Oto park 4. Bus stop

5. Train station 6. Universities

4. Choose the correct option.

1. Are you travelling khổng lồ the airport in / by car?

2. I learned lớn drivel ride a bike when I was five years old.

3. We waited on / at the bus stop for half an hour in the rain!

4. Can we go lớn the shops on / by foot? I need the exercise.

5. Can you help me get on / at the train please? These bags are very heavy.

6. Don"t catch the number 11 bus. Wait for / at the number 15. It"s quicker.

7. In our country you have lớn be seventeen years old to ride / drive a car.

=> Answer:

2. Ride 3. At 4. On 5. On 6. For 7. Ride

5. Match 1-6 with a-f to make sentences.

1. I fell when I got

2. My brothers learning khổng lồ drive

3. There was a long queue of people waiting

4. The concert was near our house, so we went

5. My dad"s work is thirty kilometres away, so he always goes

6. Which bus is Charlie waiting

a. For?

b. On foot.

c. Off the train.

d. A car.

e. By train.

f. At the bus stop.

=> Answer:

2. D 3. F 4. B 5. E 6. A

6. Choose the correct answer.

1. Get a trang chủ after the cinema. It only costs 40.000 VND.

a car

b bike

c taxi

2. My sister"s boyfriend rides a ____. My mum thinks its dangerous.

a train

b coach

c motorbike

3. I"m meeting Tom at the bus ___ in five minutes.

a park

b stop

c lane

4. How long did you have to lớn wait ____ the bus?

a for

b at

c to

5. The oto ____ was full and we had to leave the car in the road.

a station

b park

c stop

6. I usually ____ a xe đạp to school.

a drive

b go

c ride

7. Riding a bike isn"t dangerous if there"s a good xe đạp ____ .

a stop

b Iane

c park

=> Answer:

2. C 3. B 4. A 5. B 6. C 7. B

7. Ella is a student. She is writing an email to her friend, Jack. Complete the e-mail with on of word in each gap.

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Hi Phong, How are you? bởi you remember Stonemill Town? I went lớn stay with a friend there at the weekend. It"s very different now. In the town centre they"ve got bike Vanes everywhere và there"s a big new bus (2) ______ . There"s also a (3)______ station, but I went (4)______ coach because it"s cheaper than the train. But there were a lot of cars on the motorway, so we were late. Then I had to wait (5)______ a bus to my friend"s house. It was a long journey. Guess what! I"m learning to (6)______ a car! My instructor thinks I"m a good driver but I"m not very good in a busy car (7)______ . I can"t get between two cars! bởi you remember when we had to (8)______ our bikes to school? We always had races. Và you always won! I saw Binh at the bus (9)______ last week. He said khổng lồ say hi khổng lồ you.