Hướng dẫn giải giờ Anh 6 Unit 5: London was great! - Progress Check. Đây là sách giờ Anh được bên xuất bạn dạng Đại học tập Sư phạm tp Hồ Chí Minh kiến thiết nhằm cách tân và phát triển những kĩ năng quan trọng cho các em học sinh lớp 6 lúc học tiếng Anh. Hi vọng, với giải pháp hướng dẫn ví dụ và giải đưa ra tiết, học sinh sẽ hiểu làm cho bài xuất sắc hơn.

1. Look at the picture & choose the correct answer.

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The lion has got a thick trunk/mane. It"s got a long tail/neck, too!

=> Answer: mane, tail

2. Match the adjectives (1-4) khổng lồ their opposites (a-d).

1. Fast a. Tiring

2. Exciting b. Slow

3. Relaxing c. Expensive

4. Cheap d. Boring

=> Answer:

1 - b 2 - d 3 - a 4 - c

3. Look at the pictures & choose the correct answer.


1. Lucy goes lớn school by bus/ car.

2. We went khổng lồ London on the ship/ train.

3. He goes khổng lồ work on foot/ a bicycle.

4. She went lớn the airport in a tram/ taxi.

=> Answer:

1. Bus

2. Train

3. Bicycle

4. Taxi

4. Write the Past Simple of the verbs.

1. Think __________ 6. Enjoy __________

2. Study __________ 7. Decide __________

3. Eat __________ 8. Want __________

4. Buy __________ 9. Take __________

5. Book __________ 10. Have __________

=> Answer:

1. Thought 6. Enjoyed

2. Studied 7. Decided

3. Ate 8. Wanted

4. Bought 9. Took

5. Booked 10. Had

5. Put the verbs in brackets into the affirmative or negative form of the Past Simple.

1. Darren ______ (book) his holiday online (v)

2. He ______ (visit) any museum during his trip (x)

3. He ______ (eat) local dishes at a restaurant (v)

4. He ______ (have) a very good time (x)

=> Answer:

1. Booked

2. Didn"t visit

3. Ate

4. Didn"t have

6. Use the words in brackets to lớn write questions.

1. The flight left at 11:30 a.m ( What time?)

2. I got lớn work by bus (How?)

3. I went on holiday lớn Portugal last summer. (Where?)

4. He packed his suitcase to travel abroad. (Why?)

=> Answer:

1. What time did the flight leave?

2. How did you get to work?

3. Where did you go on holiday last summer?

4. Why dide pack his suitcase?

7. Look at what Sarah did/didn"t bởi on her holiday. Write questions, then answer them.

1. Go sightseeing? (✓)

2. Stay at a hotel? (X)

3. Eat local dishes? (✓)

4. Go cinema? (X)

=> Answer:

1. Did Sarah go sightseeing? - Yes, she did.

2. Did Sarah stay at a hotel? - No, she didn"t.

3. Did Sarah eat local dishes? - Yes, she did.

4. Did Sarah go lớn cinema? - No, she didn"t

8. Complete the dialogue. Use:

• What was the khách sạn like? • What did you do?

• It sounds like you had a great time. • How was your holiday?

Lucy: Hi, Jake. Welcome back! 1) ______________

Jake: It was amazing. We went khổng lồ Spain.

Lucy: Wow 2) ______________

Jake: It was fantastic! It was close khổng lồ the beach & our room was huge!

Lucy: 3) ______________

Jake: In the morning, we went sightseeing. Then, in the afternoon, we went snorkeling.

Lucy: 4) ________________

=> Answer:

1. How was your holiday?

2. What was the khách sạn like?

3. What did you do?

4. It sounds like you had a great time.

9. Read the text and decide if the sentence are R (right), W (wrong) or DS (doesn"t say)


1. Shakespeare performed as an actor in theatres all over the world.

2. Children learn about Shakespeare"s plays at school.

3. Shakespeare"s wife was 18 when they got married.

4. Stratford-upon-Avon is a tourist attraction.

=> Answer:

1. F

2. T

3. DS

4. T

10. Listen to lớn Ben talking khổng lồ Molly about his holiday. Then decide if the statement (1-4) are R (right), W (wrong) or DS (doesn"t say)

1. Ben usually goes on holiday lớn Italy.

2. Most of the time, the weather was cloudy.

3. Ben spent lots of money on souvenirs.

4. Ben"s favorite food was ice cream.

=> Answer: Đang cập nhật.

10. Write a letter to your English-speaking pen-friend about a recent trip of yours (about 50-60 words). Write about where you went, who you were with & what you saw/did.

=> Answer:

Dear Bob,

I am writing lớn tell you about my holiday with my family in da Nang.

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I really had great holiday with my family. On the firts day, we had a trip to ba Na Hills. I had the most interesting experience when I was on the telepheric. The beaches in domain authority Nang are so beautiful, specially they are very pure. I saw the dawn on domain authority Nang beach và i took many photos. I also had a good chance ôtô try many foods there. I hope you can enjoy some experience the same what i did in da Nang.